A Documentary Film about the Extraordinary Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ray Bradbury said of Edgar Rice Burroughs: “He has changed more destinies than any writer in history.” Among those whose destinies the author of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars change :  Carl Sagan, Arthur Clarke, Jane Goodall, George Lucas, and James Cameron.  Why?  What was the spark that Burroughs provided to fire the imaginations of so disparate a group?  ERB: The Life and Mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs explores the extraordinary  life and and even more extraordinary imaginative power of the man who has been called the Rosetta Stone of Modern Science Fiction.  Featuring rare artwork and archival footage, interviews, and dramatic readings, we explore  the mind, the work, and the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Test Footage — Work-in-Progress Sample

The following test footage is an early sample of a section of the film-in-progress. The photo and graphic still images are not yet based on the high-resolution images  that will be used in the final version, and other background and motion graphics are in draft form.