Although Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most famous creation “Tarzan” made it to cinemas beginnng in 1918 with more than 40 Tarzan films eventually being produced, his other great creation “John Carter” resisted efforts at cinematic interpretation in large part because Burroughs’ imagination exceeded the technical capacity of Hollywood to realize on the screen.  As early as 1936 famed animation director Bob Clampett had developed an animated John Carter of Mars that came close to being the first animated feature film.  The film was later famously developed and abandoned by Disney in the 1990′s, Paramount in the early 2000′s, before Disney re-acquired the rights and made the film that is to be released in 2012.

Like all Edgar Rice Burroughs enthusiasts, the ERB film-makers are following with great interest the progress of Disney’s John Carter, which is the culmination of a century of prior efforts to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Martian series to the cinema. In February 2012, at a time when there was considerable debate in the industy over whether Disney was effectively promoting the upcoming “John Carter” film, the film-makers became the subject of considerable media attention when they edited and uploaded to YouTube  a “John Carter Fan Trailer” .

The  ”Fan Trailer” went viral and became a focus of media and fan attention during the final weeks prior to the release of Disney’s “John Carter” . The media spotlight on the “fan trailer”  began when “John Carter”  Director Andrew Stanton tweeted: “Great fan trailer! They get it!” and linked to the trailer.

The next day, Ain’t It Cool News posted an article and embed of the trailer with headline: A Fan-Made Trailer Sells JOHN CARTER better than any other trailer so far. A few hours later similar stories and embeds appeared on ColliderSlashfilmBadass DigestFilm School Rejects and others. It then spread to more blogs — a total of more than 200 — as well as mainstream media publications including Wired (Fan Trailer for John Carter Tops Studios Best Efforts) , Entertainment Weekly (John Carter Fan Trailer: Okay, this has to get you excited!) , The Hollywood Reporter, (Fan Made Trailer for John Carter could be better than studio original) nd the Los Angeles Times (Fans Create unofficial new trailer for John Carter).   CNN also ran a story (Fans Create their own John Carter Trailer).

In the first three days after Stanton’s tweet, the trailer received 100,000 views on YouTube and became a significant part of the conversation about the movie.

Here is the John Carter Fan Trailer, which was created on February 5, 2012 by film-makers Michael D. Sellers and Mark Linthicum by downloading all of the previously released Disney John Carter Footage including 3 Trailers, 6 TV spots, and more than a dozen featurettes, and the using this as the basis to create a new trailer.  Beneath the trailer are Youtube Comments as of February 25, 2012.

But the story wasn’t over there.
On February 27th director Andrew Stanton asked Sellers and Linthicum if they could create another trailer, which he would help promote int he final weeks before the film came out.   The result — The John Carter “Heritage” Fan Trailer which has garnered 145,000 views and has been cited by John Carter Produer Jim Morris, who “I wish we’d had that trailer” after viewing it at the Edgar Rice Burroughs Centennial celebration: