Created in December 2011 by Michael D. Sellers, the John Carter Files ( has received over 3 million visits and has emerged as the go-to source for current information and analysis on the evolving John Carter/Disney, as well as a full range of topics relating to John Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the Centennial Celebration associated with the creation of both John Carter and Tarzan in 1912.

Michael also blogs at, often on topics relating to the Philippines and Philippine/American relations, reflecting Sellers close ties to the Philippines stemming from his fifteen year stint living and working there, first as a CIA officer from 1986-1990, then as a Tagalog-speaking filmmaker and businessman from 1990-2000. His article What We Can Learn From the Empathy, Grace, and Humility of Manny Pacquiao received over 1.5M hits and was republished in more than 50 newspaper and online journals, including the leading Philippine daily The Philippine Daily Inquirer. is also where Michael and his wife Lorena are jointly writing “Daughter of Lawaan”, the story of her life’s journey from a child of a Filipino fisherman to life in the United States. Says Sellers: “It breaks my heart that in America, unless you are a historian it’s unlikely that you’re even aware that the Philippines was America’s only colony; that we fought a bloody and tragic war with them at the turn of the Century; or that it was American teachers, civil servants, and entrepreneurs who shaped Philippine society–for better and sometimes for worse–during the colonial period in the first half of the 20th Century. I unabashedly love the Philippines and Filipinos, and I wish Americans knew more about the special relationship we have with them — or should have with them, since it often seems to be a one-way ‘special relationship’.