I’m working on the DVD disk art for the ERB Centennial and I’m looking at an absolutely gorgeous 62MB Tiff scan of Robert Abbett’s cover art for Edgar Rice Burroughs‘  A Princess of Mars. It’s incredible how much better this looks than anything I’ve ever seen on the internet, or the book cover itself. I can’t upload 62MB but even a much, much smaller file is still way more beautiful than anything that’s available on the web. Here it is — enjoy. Look at Dejah Thoris’ face …. it’s just stunning. I’ve known this art since I was 12 and this is the first time I’ve been able to really see it. I’m wowed.
Click to see larger

And here is what I’m working on with it. It’s still work in progress regarding the text and foreground images but I’m happy with the background image and alignment on the disk: