There is a discussion thread over at the John Carter Facebook Group that I wanted to post here because it’s something that I’ve thought about from time to time — what about John Carter role playing games, or video games, or board games for that matter?  I’ve always thought Barsoom was perfect for a role playing games; have even thought about “Second Life: Barsoom Edition” as a possibility that would be very attractive if the film were to be successful, even at a cult level as now appears to the case.

Are there any experts out there on this stuff who could weigh in about possibilities?

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Pierre C
Hello Barsoomians ! I’ve got two questions for the gamers among you :
– Do you know about any pen & paper roleplaying game set in the Barsoom cycle universe ? The world described by Burroughs seems vast and adventurous enough.
– While I’m at it, has there ever been a video game adapted from the books ? Even a tiny, fan-made one ?
Thanks in advance :o)
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