As John Carter climbs toward $300m global gross, fans at the 6,300 strong Facebook Group “Take me back to Barsoom! I Want John Carter to Have a Sequel” have apparently decided to take the bull by the horns and  point out something that the mainstream media is missing:  “John Carter is the Highest Grossing Flop in Cinema History”.  In ironic recognition of this, group members have been submitting “flip the flop” wordplay, with over 150 submissions in the first 24 hours.  Their idea is to use these in fan art, T-shirts, etc and in the process undo some of the damage that they feel has unfairly been visited upon the Andrew Stanton epic.  The group has also started a public website — Back To Barsoom – ( where they are posting fan art, fan videos, fan commentary, and fan fiction.

We’ve perused the list and here is the John Carter Files list of our favorites.

First, a quote from John Carter to set the tone:

“A Flop is not a shameful thing when a noble cause is taken by those who can make a difference.” ~ John Carter, to the Flopbusters of “Take Me Back to Barsoom!”

And now the tag lines:

John Carter : Lost in North America;  Found in the rest of the world .

John Carter: The Flop that wouldn’t  flop.

John Carter: The $300m Box Office Gross Mega-bomb

John Carter: The UnFlop

John Carter: The worlds first Anti-Flop!

John Carter: Surging in Flopularity

John Carter: The “flop” heard round the world….

John Carter: The New Flopculture Icon

John Carter Flop? — Check Snopes, it’s an Urban Myth!

John Carter: “Floptastic!”

John Carter: The Blockbuster in “flop’s” clothing.

John Carter: The Flop that Wouldn’t  Die.

John Carter:  “Flop, my ass!”

John Carter: “Whatflop?”

John Carter; The Flop that Roared

John Carter: Flopgeous, Flopalicious, Floptastic!

Dr. Strangethark, or How I learned to ignore the media and love The Bomb.

John Carter is a F.L.O.P … a Fantastic, Live-Action, Original, Pulpy good time. I contributed! And mine is awesome!

John Carter: A “flop” that’s out of this world…

John Carter: The hostile critics ARE the Therns!

John Carter: The world’s first Flopbuster

John Carter flippin’ the flop overseas. Americans missing out!

John Carter: Flippingly Floptastic Flopbuster of a movie!

John Carter Lost in his world (North America ) found in the another (everywhere else)

John Carter: A Blockbuster in “flop’s” clothing. 🙂

Flopbuster. flop•bust•er (n.)

1. A film or book that is initially met with critical scorn and starts out with minimal financial success, but through word of mouth and the devotion of a core group of fans, goes on to widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales and acclaim.
2. One that engages in the practice of flopbusting.
3. A high-explosive bomb used to penetrate the walls of Zodanga.
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John Carter: “The Flop Has Flipped!”

John Carter: Why are mysterious flopcircles appearing all over the world… Martians?

John CarterL From flop to top in a single, mighty leap.

John Carter: “A Flop whose Fans Flipped its Fortunes.”

John Carter: This flop won’t stop!

John Carter: I pledge my metal for FLOPBUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Carter: “I’m sorry Officer Critic. I didn’t see the Flopsign.”

John Carter:  “I give it four thumbs up!” Tars Tarkas

John Carter rap…..

If there’s a problem…yo, we’ll solve it…..

Get us the DVD…and the world will revolve it………..

John John Carter….(all together…. repeat the refrain)….